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Born Rich (by zocurtis)

The One Percent (by WarZalez)

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Fuel to the Flame (Instrumental: Dead Prez - Police State)

My Occupy Wall Street song is finally complete! Please give me feedback. :]


(Verse 1)

Occupy Wall Street put it’s foot in the door

Hey NYPD go ahead and take me to court 

After the arrest with over 700 put into cuffs 

It fuels us more as the people rise up

99% overwhelming the 1

Those controlling the wealth 

Fuck a politician and asking for help

We need redistribution of the riches 

Everybody treated equal 

All power to the people 

Taken from the system so evil

We mean business 

No more fucking around

Maybe people will listen

As we occupy buildings and grounds

Understand that we are making demands

Free healthcare and education for everyone on these lands

No more student debt 

Drowning us up to the neck

No more police brutality from those who are supposed to serve an protect 

What a lie and a fake

All they are is agents of the capitalist state 

Designed to oppress and globally infect 

Fighting back is our plan 

Lets give every woman free abortion on demand

No need to apologize 

Healthcare is a right

Everyone is affected 

Same struggle same fight

No more back ally abortion

Coat hangers 

Wombs ripped into shreds

No more preventable deaths

Trust women and give them respect

(Verse 2) 

No more misogyny and agony 

No more tragedies and casualties

Battling the system rapidly 

Attacking for revolution

Its a fact that we need overthrow badly 

Drastically changing the reality 

No more of this capitalist insanity 

As the collective masses we have to be free 

From this system not meeting our needs

Press delete and erase 

No more prison industrial complex 

Mass incarceration 

Modern day slaves 

Trapped in a cage for a dollar a day

So much pain

Yet you have to restrain

From punching cops dead in the face 

No matter how brutal they get 

Brutality is prevalent 

Thats why we need cameras to capture evidence 

The whole world is watching 

We are taking the streets instead of just talking 

We are not accepting defeat 

Wont back down and retreat 

Put protesters in jail 

When they get out they will go back to taking the streets

Feeling stronger than ever 

Beat us down and arrest us

It adds fuel to the flame

When will you get it

We get stronger by the days minutes and seconds

Knowledge is power

Protests are the weapon

Forever militant 

We will fight to the end until we win

And only then

You can’t stop the ideas of rebellion that spreads

Forming a movement

You can kill the revolutionary 

But you can’t kill the revolution

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It Ain’t Gonna Be….

We Are Unity

Kanaska Carter


An interesting read from an unsympathetic source. 

If Only Ron Paul would leave the Neoconstipated Republican Party and Lead the Occupy Party he WILL Win in 2012. We ARE the 99%!

Multiple cities across the nation have begun their offensive against the people standing up for the right to fair representation and a just economic system instead of the corporatist system which we are currently subjugated by.

Some of these have been brutal and vicious attacks on Americans, including what now appears to be an intentional attack on Scott Olsen — a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq before leaving the military in 2010.

…In an article published on Business Insider, a Marine is quoted saying that the tactics utilized by police in Oakland are not even allowed in a war zone.

Is there not something seriously wrong when our public servants are utilizing tactics on American civilians that American soldiers are not supposed to use in combat on foreign soil?

Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan said in a written statement that the city has opened an investigation into the use of force, including the use of tear gas on Tuesday.

However, the statement also said, “We are asking you not to camp overnight. Frank Ogawa Plaza is open for free speech activities between 6 am and 10 pm.”

This is the kind of ludicrously un-American thinking that has plagued the response to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This is a nation with free speech which means that you cannot tell us when and where to speak freely.

…You might not like it, but we have every right to occupy a public space all hours of the day. We have every right to freely assemble whenever and wherever we want.

If it really is problematic for you, you might want to explore moving to a nation which was not founded upon the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Oakland is just one of the many places in which police are launching an all-out offensive on peaceful demonstrators who are sick and tired of the elite ruling class robbing America blind while our politicians encourage it.

Indeed California now seems to be a hotspot for these anti-Occupation moves, contrary to what one might assume based on California’s history as a blue state.

However, this is just more proof that the bi-partisan system in Washington is nothing other than a two-party dictatorship in which both parties work towards the exact same goals and push an identical agenda of control and oppression.

San Diego saw police actions against their Occupation at around 2 am in the morning.

OB Rag, an independent news organization out of Ocean Beach, California reports that at least 44 people were arrested in the sweep which began at 1:45 am in Children’s Park without any forewarning.

Police and the Sheriff’s department arrived outfitted in riot gear with batons and at least two men were reportedly beaten in the process of being arrested.

Several of the demonstrators who were arrested were veterans and one man was apparently a legal observer although more specific details are not yet available.

All of the donated food and medical supplies at both occupation sites were confiscated by the police.

Previously Assistant Police Chief Boyd Long told demonstrators that they could remain in Children’s Park so long as they did not set up tents. (full article)

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